Laminator Repair Services

Updated January 29, 2009

Specializing in laminator repair since 1994, I have built a good customer relationship based on trust.  I pride myself in fixing only what is wrong with a machine, and not overcharging for unnecessary repairs.  Many of my customers have complained that the service people they had to use before they found me consistently overcharged them, and many times, the actual problem with their laminator took 2 or 3 of these expensive service calls to fix.  I can also rebuild your "old reliable" equipment, breathing new life into a good machine, instead of casting it aside.  I will not try to sell you a new machine unless it makes economic sense to do so.  Occasionally, I have a few good, reconditioned pieces of laminating equipment for sale.  To see a listing of these items, go to the Miscellaneous Items page.

I started out serving the private and public school systems of the Nashville area, Metro Government, church day care centers and print shops with laminators in the Middle Tennessee area.  My customers are all across Tennessee, and a few in surrounding states.  They know that I deliver great service and guaranteed work.  Through careful and accurate diagnosis, the job is done right the first time.  I also offer very competitive pricing.  For my customers outside the Nashville area, there is a reasonable travel expense added to the normal service fee.  This travel expense is far less than the manufacturers would charge.  In fact, some of the manufacturers have been referring customers directly to me.  I have established an excellent reputation in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area, and references are always available upon request. 



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